donald trump best president

Why Donald Trump may be the best president ever

Great periods in history are typically the very painful.
Today, 2016, we are a divided country with many people refusing to accept even the ordinary conventions of life such as right and wrong.
Ironically many of those same people are rejecting this most unconventional president elect.

While Donald Trump has baggage and glaring imperfections, he was undoubtedly the strongest candidate for changes many americans believe are necessary for our country’s survival.
As such, Trump has the potential of being the best president of this era.
Unfortunately he will likely also be the most controversial and least afforded support.
Popularity is high-fructose subversion. The most significant figures in history, rarely did what his everyone wanted or expected them to do.

There are two pivotal issues for Trump. Delegation and conflict of interest.
If he continues to find, empower and credit excellent people he will likely succeed.
The two most critical things for Trump NOT to do are demeaning women or maintaining dominant business interests. If he does, he will be diluted, distracted, derided and discarded.



Meet Ruben Elerd,

I used to see him walking around briskly picking up trash and cigarettes downtown Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, but when he sat down to talk with me today he had a cain. He told me that he broke his hip 2 years ago and couldn't do all the things he "likes" to do for a while. BTW I didn't ask him to sit down, I was busy... wallowing in the struggles of my life, reluctantly watching him limp around doing something I wouldn't think of. After sitting down directly in front of me he said "hello, how are YOU today?"...Upon further interogation he admitted that he and his wife were doing some work at Rogers Burgers where pompous asses like myself sit and watch their example. He and his wife volunteered for it! Today she organized their shed supplies while he worked on picking up every single small piece of trash he could see. After he left I talked with the manager about them. She said they go all over town doing this, something he didn't think to mention. The mgr said she tried to get the local paper to do an article but they declined.

In case you can't read the sign on his stick it says "Blessed"!


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